Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), Albania (2019)
Jitendra led the Infrastructure Sector Team for preparation of PDNA, an actionable and sustainable Recovery Strategy plan for mobilizing financial and technological resources, post-2019 Albanian Earthquake for UNDP, Albania.

Post Disaster Needs assessment, Nepal (2015)
Jitendra contributed as an international expert to PDNA on Housing Sector on invitation from UNDP, post-2015 Nepal Earthquake, Nepal.

Post-earthquake reconstruction, Nepal (2018-Present)
Advisory services to UNDP for post-earthquake reconstruction in earthquake-affected remote rural areas of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

Design and delivery of trainings on Building Usability Evaluation, Nepal (2015)
After the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Jitendra designed and delivered a training programme to more than 500 engineers in association with the Nepal Engineers’ Association.